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Barcode Labels (barcode optional, can be blank for handwriting dates, etc.)    PRICES  ORDER
Super-sticky, white-paper labels with sequential barcode numbers to use for stock-tracking and security. Label is 21mm by 9.5mm - large enough for small company name, 'Warranty void if removed', barcode of most conventions with the same serial number shown in digits underneath. These labels can be supplied in duplicate, triplicate.... so that one label is applied to the component, e.g. sdram or hdd, and its duplicate is stuck on stock boxes, tracking records, build sheets..... Choose any details, sequence and multiplicity you want - the price is for the total print run, e.g. 5,000 in duplicate is priced at the 10,000 quantity.
Barcode labels to help track your stock and add further security on return goods.

Anti-tamper Warranty Labels with Serial Numbers    PRICES  ORDER
Self-adhesive tamper-evident warranty labels can be customised to any requirements. The standard label shown on the left is 50mm x 20mm bearing the company name along the top edge, 'WARRANTY VOID IF TAMPERED' along the bottom edge, contact details centre-left and a serial number of any alphanumeric sequence centre-right. Printed black on matt silver, these labels are made tamper-evident by having small precise cuts along their top and bottom edges that will cause tearing to be immediately obvious if the label is peeled.
Warranty labels to match your sales records and give permanent contact details to your computer customers.

Port Label Sets    PRICES  ORDER
Port label sets are a very popular and neat way of identifying the many ports and cables on the back of the computer. Printed black on gloss silver, the many port names include additional CE, Y2K, warranty void and build-date clockfaces labels.
Port name label sets to clearly identify all the connections for your computer customers.

Quantity 1002505001,0002,5005,00010,000
Price each in UK pence3015108543
Price each in US¢ (approx.)45221512764
Price each in Euro¢ (approx.)45231512865

Quantity 1002505001,0002,5005,00010,000
Price each in UK pence3520151311108
Price each in US¢ (approx.)52302219161512
Price each in Euro¢ (approx.)53302320171512

Quantity 1002505001,0002,5005,00010,000
Price each in UK pence50403532313029
Price each in US¢ (approx.)75605248464543
Price each in Euro¢ (approx.)76605348474544

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Delivery times Under 10 working days. Port name labels ready to go from stock. All plus carriage time. All times are subject to workload and holiday periods. All delivery times start from once we have received payment, order and agreed final artwork.

Artwork can be accepted on 3.5" diskette, CD-Rom, 100Mb Zip disk or email to