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Customised Domed Badges     PRICES
You send any artwork and within 7 days we will dispatch free proof-of-print badge samples for orders over 250. We can reproduce your professional image in any shape up to 12 square inches. If you don't want your own logo or need less than 50 badges, then see our generic badges.
Domed customised badges can be have your personal company logo printed with 'flat' 'solid' colours and graduated 'rainbow' full colour digital printing effects.
Our domed 'bubble effect' customised computer case badges can represent your company image with metal effect digital printing with gold, silver, brass and bronze simulations. There are no set up costs and it's cheaper than screen printing.
  'flat' or 'solid'
print colours
print colours
The professional high quality finish given by the resin dome coating can be put on any computer badge of any shape with photographic images and serial warranty security numbering making them suitable for all cases, keyboards and monitors for any equipment like computers, telephones, furniture, cabinets, enclosures, cameras, mouse and mice...
To be supplied with domed computer case badges -

1) If you intend to order 250 or more badges, send artwork and within seven days we will dispatch free pre-production samples. When you approve these badges, just tell us what quantity by telephone, email or online order and we should dispatch within seven days of payment. Simple, quick, reliable quality!


2) If you are ordering less than 250 badges or don't need samples because you are in a hurry and know we will do a good job, just send your artwork and make your order online.
Do NOT send your website graphic! Bitmap files like .bmp, .gif and .jpg must be 600dpi at the real size of the design you want. This will be around 10 times the resolution of your web graphic.

Best results, though, always come from the 'original', 'source', 'vector' file of the software you use. We can accept most files but our favourites are,

  • CorelDraw (.cdr)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai for pc)
  • Publisher (.pub)
  • MS Word (.doc)
If you are Mac-based, use .ai or other files but make sure they're 'exported for pc' or embed in Acrobat files but make sure the resolution is near 600dpi.

We get many '' files, so please name your artfile as your name and postcode, e.g. 'clipkey_KT6_4HG_UK.gif', email artwork.

Professional high quality personalised domed customised badges can put your company logo every day in front of your computer customers and keep your brand noticed.

Our customised domed badges can be made in any shape within a certain size restriction. The badge can be cut to fit the recess on a case or keyboard or follow the profile of your personalised logo! Cut outs for buttons and lights make these badges suitable for all types of equipment like computers, keyboards, cabinets, telephones, furniture, enclosures, name tags...The recess for a badge on a standard computer case is 1 inch square (25.4mm). For easy application, we make these badges 25mm square with 2mm corner radii. We can make badges with width and height dimensions between 8mm to 150mm (6") and up to a total area of 75cm² (12, which is slightly larger than a 5" drive bay bezel. You can have cut-outs like 'A' for buttons and lights to show through. For the doming resin to fill properly, long thin areas like 'B' must be at least 8mm wide/ high and sharp notches and points like 'C' are not recommended. Imagine the rectangle that would contain the shape you want and use those overall widths and heights in the price calculator below.

Quantity 501002505001,0002,5005,00010,000
Price each in UK £ each0.850.750.500.300.
Price each in US$ (based on 1.60)1.361.200.800.480.490.400.330.30
Price each in Euros (based on 1.09)0.920.810.540.320.300.270.220.20

 Width Height Use 25mm x 25mm for standard case badges
inchesInches are for reference only. Please specify size by millimetres.
Price each in UK £
Price each in US$     GB£1= US$
Price each in Euros   GB£1=Euro

If you are comparing us with other suppliers....

other suppliers charge for artwork handling, per print colour, set-up and films, shipping...

We help enhance or design your badge FREE OF CHARGE!

We do full-colour FREE OF CHARGE!

We have NO SET-UP charges

We do FREE shipping!

Payment methods We can accept money-orders and cheques only if they are made out UK Pounds Sterling. Cheques must be drawn on a UK bank. Money-orders or cheques should be posted to Clipkey Products, 166 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6HG, UK. Orders can be made by telephone, email or online here secure online shop where payment can be made by credit card or transfer.

Delivery times Generic Badges - usually from stock. Customised badges - approx. 10 working days for both sample stage and full production. All plus carriage time. All times are subject to workload and holiday periods. All delivery times start from once we have received payment, order and agreed final artwork.

Artwork can be accepted on 3.5" diskette, CD-Rom, 100Mb Zip disk or email to